It all started with a guitar and a girl...

Francis picked up the guitar during high school in an attempt to combat his terrible pubescent awkward years and not seem like too much of a dork in front of the girls he was so desperately trying to impress. After taking and then quickly quitting guitar lessons because his teachers asked too much of him (a.k.a. that he stop playing rock songs by ear and learn how to read sheet music like a real musician) he continued to teach himself the instrument. This all coincided with multiple heartbreaks and an affinity for poetry that led Francis to putting pen to paper and beginning his journey as a songwriter. 

Upon his graduation from university and return to NYC, Francis began performing his music as a solo act in NYC venues such as:

The Bitter End

Pete's Candy Store

Postcrypt Coffeehouse

Caffe Vivaldi

The Sidewalk Cafe

During this year in which Francis began to develop his skills as a performer and writer, he met NYC-based producer, Douglas Schadt (credits: Maggie Rogers, WET, hunter & wolfe) and began the undertaking of recording his first EP of original songs which was then released in July 0f 2017 as his first project titled, 'Tender Things.'

By this point however, Francis had grown bored with being a solo acoustic act and had started experimenting with and writing music for a full band. 

As he decided he wanted to cut back on his time performing solo and instead work on developing a full-band sound, Francis began to speak with some of the top musicians he had met and played with over the past year he spent performing,. He spoke to them about putting together a band with the sole purpose of putting on an engaging and memorable live show. Thus, 'The Professionals', were born, a band comprised of musicians personally handpicked by Francis Aud made up of: Eric Read (drums), Patrick Cochrane (bass), Wade Ridenhour (keys), Gavi Grodsky (guitar), Brandon Seabrook (aux. xox), Kellon Anderson (tenor saxaophone), Jon Lijoi (trumpet), and Gabe Fraivilig (trombone).

Over the course of only the past year  (July 2017 - July 2018) Francis Aud & The Professionals have ascended in the ranks as one of the top bands in the NYC music scene. Consistently packing large venues with their high energy shows, Francis Aud & The Professionals have performed at notable venues such as: 

Rockwood Music Hall (Stages 1, 2, & 3)


The Bowery Electric

Sofar Sounds

The Knitting Factory Brooklyn

Club Groove

Mercury Lounge

Bowery Ballroom

Nowadays, Francis Aud is a busy guy to say the least.

He still performs as a solo artist, with smaller configurations of his band (as a Trio and Quartet), with the full 8-piece band configuration of 'The Professionals', as an in-demand guitarist for other local and out-of-state musicians (i.e. Morgan Reilly, Danny Fishman, Ezrah), and under the moniker 'Stella.' for his acoustic side project. 

Francis continues to be booked throughout NYC as well as all along the East Coast. With the anticipated release of his next EP expected for premiere in early 2019, Francis continues to enjoy this crazy ride called life and the gift of music he has the privilege of sharing with others. 


Francis Aud

P: 347.743.0264


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